Bell, Rogers and Telus Galaxy S3 new KitKat Update released version I747MVLUFOB1

If you are still rocking either Bell, Rogers or Telus Galaxy S3, there is another version of Android 4.4.2 software update we recently spotted in Kies. The new update dubbed with build number I747MVLUFOB1 that also seems and looks like a Lollipop update build to the ones released on Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5 this year. It also indicated build date as of February 2015 that clearly tells us that is really a new update. It might have not yet been available or released via over-the-air (OTA) but you try to check it manually these next couple of days. There are no any official announcement held available to any Canadian carriers for now, so we couldn’t tell any new features about the latter. As we have had seen numerous Android 4.4.2 KitKat on the Canadian Galaxy S3′ last year, so the update might just a minor OTA update that might resolved some issues or might be just a security patched update.


The technical details of the software update can be read as follows;

Device name: Samsung Galaxy S III
Model number: SGH-I747M
Android version: 4.4.2 (KitKat OS)
Baseband Version: I747MVLUFOB1
Kernel version: 3.4.0-1784548
Build Number: KOT49H.I747MVLUFOB1
SE for Android Status: Enforcing

In addition, there are no any official reports about the update but you may try to check it every now and then in your phone’s settings, from home screen tap on the gear icon, Settings>>About device>>Software update. We will try to gather more information from any Canadian carrier about this update. Just let us know if you already got the I747MVLUFOB1 update on your Galaxy S3.

9 thoughts on “Bell, Rogers and Telus Galaxy S3 new KitKat Update released version I747MVLUFOB1”

  1. Update to my S3 was received OTA March 13. Canadian carrier FIDO (part of Rogers Network). Doesn’t look or feel any different to me. Message was that it will fix some bugs. Not sure if it has. Android System is still the number one culprit for rapid battery drain and now.a new battery hog has shown up called Media. I was so excited when the update showed up thinking it was Lollipop. I was disappointed to see it was still version 4.4.2. I was hoping for at least 4.4.4. It was only an 89mb file.

  2. Got the update to 4.4.2 late feb2015. Nothing that really stands out as an upgrade. Edm/Ab/Can .I747M. Still waiting on 4.4.4 or a possible lollipop upgrade.

  3. I got the same update. Anyone out there able to root their Bell S3 with this update? I’ve tried Towelrool with codes, but it isn’t supported. Any ideas?

    1. Ya dude the CF Autoroot still works for root. But i think the the lolllipop update is on its way. If you liik at the “systemUI.APK” and decomplie it, the lollipop and “new Touchwiz” icons and ui files are in there.

  4. I got this update a week or so ago (S3 Telus) and the battery drain is brutal – up to 50% daily. Prior to this upgrade, one of my regular apps (Twitter, Gmail, podcast, music) was always the primary drain (10-20%). Is there anything that can be done beyond waiting for the next upgrade?

    1. Some folks used to freeze some apps, by means of rooting and using a apps called titanium.

  5. Last post was 2 months ago .still waiting for 4.4.4 s3 i747m on Telus. Looks like I’ll be keeping my S3 for a lot longer than when my contract runs out.Bad lollipop and no 4.4.4.? Equals no more Samsung. Maybe moto or htc.

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