Android Wear performs multiple operations with AWToolkit

Given that there are many interested users who are on standby for Moto 360, other Android Wear devices already hit the stores. LG G Watch as well as Samsung Gear Live can now be purchased and  had long since been rooted since their release. There are also other few of its applications including that of TWRP recovery.

Various developers such as XDA have been able to support Android Wear devices. tdiddy.2, an XDA Forum Member, created a multi-platform toolkit for Android Wear devices. There are also several support systems that have been formulated that includes a working toolkit that allows rooting, installing applications through ADB, unlocking bootloader and many more.


This multi-platform toolkit for Android Wear devices is sadly still new in its field and needs to be developed further. But in the bright side, the project already serve many purposes to users. With the ability to reboot the device to bootloader, recovery, and system, users can already take a screenshot and install either single and multiple applications through ADB.

What makes this tool impressive is its multi-platform compatibility. The tool can be made to run on every OS with Java Runtime Environment as it is written in Java.

In the near future, Android Wear users will hopefully access more of Android Wear supported features. In the meantime, they have the opportunity to enjoy having the AWToolkit for their G Watch or Gear Live.

Source: xda-developers

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