Bell Rogers Telus Galaxy S4 4.3 Update I337MVLUEMK6

Android 4.3 Upgrade on Canadian Galaxy S4 I337MVLUEMK6 Bell, Rogers and Telus

Canadian Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-I337M) devices will now also joins fun of the Android 4.3 treatment. Today, the official Android 4.3 update has been rolled out and comes in the form of firmware build  JSS15J.I337MVLUEMK6 or with baseband version I337MVLUEMK6. Yet, we have been expected this to arrived before end of this month since we have already seen AT&T’s Galaxy S4 (SGH-I337) rolled out of the 4.3 earlier this month.  The Android 4.3 update will basically brings new stuff like improvements and enhancements on UI, display, data connectivity and the two main features – the Galaxy Gear functionality support and the KNOX security application.

Here are the official changelog addressed by Samsung:

  • OS upgrade (Android 4.3)
  • Added new feature (KNOX for consumer, etc)
  • Compatibility with Galaxy Gear
  • Improved performance (Graphics, Multimedia, Bluetooth, etc)
  • Improved the user interface and stability
  • User interface adjustment (Icon change, etc)
  • Security Enhancements

Here is the screenshot of the official 4.3 I337MVLUEMK6 software update:
Bell Rogers Telus Galaxy S4 4.3 Update I337MVLUEMK6

There is also an added side-note that says, ” You cannot downgrade to the old software after this new software upgrade version due to security reasons”. This simply means once you upgrade to Android 4.3  there is no returning back to the old software version such as Android 4.2.2, this is because the 4.3 update is now equipped with the new Samsung KNOX security suite. Some reports we have gathered ever-since this KNOX  introduced on 4.3, that doing so will ended-up into soft-bricks.

You will now also try to refrain from rooting and installing any unofficial firmware if you still care much about your Galaxy S4 service warranty.  Installing any unsigned system files will tripped the KNOX Warranty Void red-flag hidden in download mode option (Volume down+Home+Power keys) . The default counter states as ‘KNOX Warranty Void: 0x1’ once tripped it goes to ‘0x1″ and this will compromised your device warranty once you messed up. But if you’d don’t care about your phone’s warranty anymore, then you can still root this 4.3 update and that’s definitely trips KNOX warranty void counter.

So for those who got the Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGH-I337M) at-hand either what carrier network or SIM card you have, Bell Rogers, Telus, Fido, Koodo and Virgin-Mobile it’s all same update. You’ll get the firmware build number I337MVLUEMK6 after an upgrade and replaces the old firmware build 4.2.2 I337MVLUAMG1.  This update is delivered via OTA (over-the-air) and scales around 789MB in size to download. The software update usually rolled out in phases and now everyone can receive an update at same time, so you should keep an eye of this update if you did not received any notification message yet, juts head-over to your phone’s Settings>>About device>> then Check for update.

[Thank’s to Ellen of Toronto]

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