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Android 4.3 I317UCUBMJ4 AT&T Galaxy Note II Leak Firmware

AT&T Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 firmware with build number I317UCUBMJ4 has leaks out.  And again before the official 4.3 OTA update gives its way which has reportedly arriving soon before end of November,  all beta testers can now take a sneak peak of what’s  inside to this upcoming official Android 4.3 update for AT&T’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (SGH-I317). In-fact, some other AT&T Samsung devices also has got it’s own 4.3 firmware leaks, including the Galaxy S3 (AT&T SGH-I747), Galaxy S4 (AT&T SGH-I337),  and the  Galaxy S4 Active (AT&T SGH-I537).

This leaked UCUBMJ4 Android 4.3 firmware might be an answers for those who’s been asking, “what would we expect the Official 4.3 OTA update? “.  This firmware is somehow an unofficial released but it shows you some several features,  enhancements and among other 4.3 stuff. SELinux and KNOX are present. This doesn’t really mean a lot, KNOX is an integrate MDM, something you can turn on/off. The Note 3 is rooted with SELinux Enforcing without any issues, according to the guy who brought us this leak firmware (@designgears).

With Android 4.3 update you can also expect the Samsung Galaxy Gear functionality, this device pairing support which can be only seen on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 before. But now, it also among some new stuff that you can enjoy on your AT&T Galaxy Note 2.

Those who might wanna take the plunge (beta testers only), you can grab the stock I317UCUBMJ4 Firmware from XDA-developers source link below.

Stock Firmware I317UCUBMJ4 Details:

Device Name: Samsung Galaxy Note II (SGH-I317)
Carrier: AT&T
Firmware Build: I317UCUBMJ4
Version: Android 4.3
Build Date: October 16, 2013
Changelist: 1882370
Download stock via XDA original thread.

I317UCUBMJ4 ATT Galaxy Note 2 Android 4.3 firmware

This UCUBMJ4 firmware build can still be rooted for it doesn’t come with locked bootloaders,  you can use’CF-Auto-Root’ to root and any custom recovery and ROMs you might like to install for further customization.

Again, this is not an official Android 4.3 update firmware yet. You should abide the rules how leak firmware works and this is for advanced users only. Some bug might still present so you better check it out first if it’s really worth it to install. The official 4.3 update is coming very soon, since there are lots of test firmware we have seen last month like I317UCBMI3, I317UCBMI7 and I317UCBMI8 and might be in a different build version or arrive in the form of firmware build numbers between I317UCBMJ6, I317UCBMJ7, I317UCBMJ8, I317UCBMK1, I317UCBMK2, I317UCBMK3, I317UCBMK4, I317UCBMK5 and so on.

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