If your Galaxy S3 messed from modding or installed an unofficial ROM and then ended up like just stuck on Samsung Galaxy screen and never continue booting into normal mode, then there’s a possibility that your phone is already bricked. But don’t panic yet,  just try this unbricking guide method originally created by “Puremotive” a highly recognized developer from XDA-Developer,  who already found out how to fix this kind of situation you might face right now..

The Problem that Results to Brick: Sometimes when you flash a ROM (TouchWiz or AOSP), there is a risk of the /system and /data partitions not wiping correctly thus leading them to be formatted with R/O  (Read Only) permissions rather than R/W (Read & Write). This makes it impossible for the phone to boot up because no data has been written. Not even a typical ODIN flash back to stock or rooted stock will fix this. Using CWM to flash another ROM will yield the same no boot results. Furthermore, the stock recovery will not work and it becomes impossible to perform a factory reset. Sound frustrating? It is.

The Fix for Bricks: You know how people all over the android forums are told never to tick any of the boxes in ODIN except for Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time? Well this time you will be ticking another box. If you ever run into the problem where your partitions are read-only, but the phone will still boot into Download Mode and recovery, you need to do the following steps:

How to Unbrick and Restore your Bricked Samsung Galaxy S3 SCH-I535


Grab these,

  • Re-install the USB driver.
  • Run Odin3_v3.07.
  • Set Galaxy S3 in Download Mode: Turn it OFF> then Press Volume Down+Home+Power button. then press Volume Up to continue.

  • Plug in your device (make sure it recognizes your device, it should say “Added” or something like that).
  • Wait for the drivers to load all the way (Windows 7).
  • Make sure ONLY “F. Reset Time” is checked”.
  • Click on the checkbox next to “PDA”.
  • Then load your first bootchain(VRALEC) (depending on which method you are using [you can try both VRALEC[1st] and VRALF2[2nd] or just try flashing the VRALF2] ).
  • Press “Start”.
  • Let it run through until you get the green “Pass”.
  • Unplug your phone.
  • Exit out of ODIN.
  • Start up ODIN again.
  • Plug-in your phone (make sure it recognizes your device, it should say “Added” or something like that).
  • Make sure ONLY “F. Reset Time” is checked”.
  • Click on the checkbox next to “PDA”.
  • Pick your second bootchain(VRALF2) (depending on what what method your using).

  • Press “Start”.
  • Wait for the green “Pass”.
  • Unplug your phone.
  • Exit out of ODIN.
  • Start ODIN back up.
  • Plug your phone back in (make sure it recognizes your device, it should say “Added” or something like that).
  • Make sure ALL 3 checkboxes are checked (Auto-Reboot, F. Reset Time, Nand Erase All)
  • Click on the checkbox next to “PDA”
  • Click on the “PDA” button
  • Find/Load “root66″ (that you have already downloaded)

  • Press “Start”.
  • Wait for the green “Pass”.
  • Unplug your phone.
  • Your phone will try to boot, but will not get passed the cheezy Verizon boot-animation.
  • Take your battery out.
  • Put your battery back in.
  • Start your phone in Stock Recovery (hold-down volume-up+home button+power button).
  • On the Recovery Menu, it will show a few errors in RED. This is normal.
  • Do a “Wipe data/factory reset”.
  • Then do a “Wipe cache partition”.
  • Now “Reboot” your phone and wait.

All credits and thanks goes to PureMotive (XDA Highly Recognized Developer) for this great job and likewise to h3llsdr0id (XDA-Developer Contributor) for the detailed step by step guide.

From Puremotive’s original thread:
and the more detailed guide by h3llsdr0id on page 3.

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2 Responses to Fix Bricked Galaxy S3 (I535 Verizon), Unbrick and Restore Guide

  1. chris says:

    Will this work with JOdin on Mac? Is there something else I have to do? I get yellow triangle or I can get into download mode. all i tried to do was make a custom recovery back up. Too new to this stuff to understand it fully. Been all over XDA trying to figure this out.

  2. chris says:

    Update: I was getting yellow triangle after i tried to make a custom recovery back up of stock. Forgot about locked bootloader from verizon. I used Jodin. I started phone in download mode (that is all i could do other than the yellow triangle of death). I plugged in phone. JOdin detected device. I hit start. It talkeda bout needing a pit file or creating one. I had one i got from XDA but instead I just hit start and let it detect its own. I held Volume Down and Home and clicked ok and it restarted on its own. (which was the first time in all my efforts it did that). I then let it find the pit and it processed and said PASS. I restarted my phone. It said SAMSUNG CUSTOM (with the lock icon) I said to myself Oh crap!. Yet, it skipped passed the yellow triangle and went straight into boot up sequence. \o/ Wooo!

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